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Intrinsic Real-Time Capture & Reporting Technologies
Technologies that Continually Keep your Business "In The Know"
A Base Foundation Module for All of SuiteFactory'sTM Solutions

EventAwareTM Technologies are part of a Group of Foundation Technologies that are in every Module used in any of SuiteFactory'sTM Applications. These Technologies provide Customer Settable Real-Time Events for: Capturing, Recording, Analyzing, Reporting and Syncing Users & Applications with the up to date Events/Data that are Critical to a Businesses' Operation.

These Real-Time Events can include: Cycle Start/Stop; Probe Data; Document Changes; Approval & Sign-Off; Machine Tool Events; Intelligent Charting; etc.

These "EventAware Technologies" are not a limited set of hardwired Events but Customer Settable Events which are Intrinsic Technologies built into our Applications & Modules so you determine which Real-Time Events to Capture & Record. These are Customer Empowering Technologies!

EventAwareTM Technologies keep Users & Applications in Sync




EventAwareTMBasics Include:

  • Real-Time Event Capture & Logging of SuiteFactory & System Errors
  • Real-Time Event & Capture of Approve & Sign-Off: N/C Files; Documents; Packets
  • Real-Time Reminder to Approve & Sign-Off: N/C Files; Documents; Packets
  • Real-Time Event Capture & Logging of N/C File; Document & Packet Changes
  • Real-Time Capture & Display of Machine Events at every SuiteFactory Client
  • Real-Time Capture & Display of Up & Downloads using SuiteCharts
  • Real-Time Capture & Display of Cycle Counts with SuiteCharts
  • Real-Time Reminder to Check-In N/C File(s) from Third-Party Tools Editing
  • Real-Time Reminder to Check-In Document(s) from Third-Party Tools Editing

Note: Use SuiteReportsTM & SuiteFiltersTM for reporting on all of the Events captured using EventAwareTM Technologies which allows Users to setup an almost unlimited set if Report Criteria.

Real-Time Error

Capture & Logging

EventAwareTM Technologies Error Capture(SuiteErrorLog):

  • Real-Time Display & Logging of Errors
  • Capture and Record to Error Log
  • Captures Complete Error Trace
  • Real-Time Error Capture and Display
  • Immediate Feed-Back to User
  • All SuiteFactory Routines can Generate and Capture all Errors
  • Error View Window for displaying all Errors Captured

Note: See SuiteErrorLogTM for details on SuiteFactory'sTM ability to capture all of SuiteFactory'sTM Errors including non-SuiteFactory Errors such as Network Failure and place these into an Error-Log for analysis.

Approval & Sign-Off

Event Capture


EventAwareTM Technologies has built in Real-Time Events for:

  • Create any number Sign-Off States
  • Assign any number of User Groups to each Sign-Off State
  • Create any number of Flow Charts
  • Assign any number of Sign-Off States to a Flow Chart
  • Configure each Sign-Off State in a Flow Chart by selecting & ordering Approvers
  • Assign a Flow Chart to a N/C File, Document or Packet with Final Settings
  • Create On-The-Fly Flow Chart/Sign-Off States for one-offs
  • Select & Assign Flow Charts from List or existing instanced Flow Charts
  • Real-Time Approval & Sign-Off Reminders

Note: SuiteApprovalTM includes EventAware Technologies that support Creating and Establishing Multi-Level ISO9000 Approval Criteria for Controlling All of your File, Document & Packet Approval and Release into Production


Machine Tool


EventAwareTM Technologies has built in Real-Time Events for:

  • Creating Configurable Machine Events
  • Capturing Events from DPRNT And Macro B Support
  • Capturing Events from Programmable Logic Controller Support
  • Capturing Events from Haas I/O Generated Events

Note: SuiteMonitoringTM is the SuiteFactoryTM Component Module for Efficiently Creating, Managing, Collecting and Reporting Real-Time Machine Tool Production, Measurement, Maintenance, etc. Events.

Machine Status


EventAwareTM Technologies has built in Real-Time Events for:

  • Real-Time Machine Status Chart Displaying:(Customer Configurable)
    • Last Event
    • DNC File Involved
    • DNC File Version
    • Machine Tool Status(Idle-Running)
    • % Run Time vs % Idle Time
    • Elapsed Time
    • Cycle Count
    • Cycle Start Time
    • Cycle Finish Time
    • Last Event Time

Note: See SuiteReports for all of the other History Reports for N/C File, Documents, Packets and Machine Events using SuiteFilters which allows Users to setup an almost unlimited set if Report Criteria.



Events Displayed

EventAwareTM Technologies' Intelligent Charts:

  • Real-Time Status Events Displaying:(Customer Configurable)
    • Real-Time Charts Continuously Update Downloaded N/C Files
    • Real-Time Charts Continuously Updated Uploaded N/C Files
    • Real-Time Charts Continuously Updated Machine Events
    • Configurable Report Filter for Real-Time Charts
    • Selectable Multiple Real-Time Charts Displayed at any SuiteDNCTM Workstation

Note: SuiteChartsTM Data is Graphically Presented in Visually Distinct Data Elements as Charts are Continuously updated reflecting Real-Time Production Events.

These can then be Zoomed, Individual Elements can be Selected Clicked and Viewed showing the details of these individual Events. Intelligent Charting!

Real-Time Notice

Check-In Files/Docs

EventAwareTM Technologies has built in Real-Time Events for:

  • Reminds Users to Check-In N/C Files Check-Out with 3rd-Party Tools
  • Reminds Users to Check-In Documents Check-Out with 3rd-Party Tools
  • Informs Users Who has Checked-Out Files & Documents using 3rd-Party Tools

Note: EventAware TechnologiesTM has build-in Events that notify Users of any Checked-Out N/C Files or Documents they have not Checked-In.

Checked-Out Files & Documents can not be modified by any other User. When a User tries to Modify these they are notified which User has Checked these out.

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Cycle Start

Cycle End

Tool Change

Probe Measurement

Maintenance Start

Machine Idle

Do you Have Events Going On in Your Shop? Are Your Events Unique? Would you like to Create, Deploy, Capture and Report Them? Use SuiteFactory to do it All and Analyzes the Results!