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SuiteApproval Module
An ISO9000 Document Control Management Module
Create Multiple Levels of Approval for Controlling Release of your N/C Files, Documents & Packets
Part of an Integrated Family of SuiteFactoryTM EventAwareTM Modules
For Windows 7TM, WindowsTM XP including Terminal Server 2003/2005/2008 Support

SuiteApprovalTM Module supports Creating and Establishing Multi-Level ISO9000 Approval Criteria for Controlling Approval and Release of all of your Files, Documents & Packets into Production.

This includes: Establishing Birth and Death Dates; Multi-Level Sign-Off and Approval States, Controlled Check-Out/Check-In of All Files/Documents/Packets using SuiteFactoryTM or a Third-Part Application; Automatic Archiving and Complete Histories of Active, Deleted and or old Files/Documents/Packets

SuiteApproval an Integrated ISO9000 SuiteFactory Module




SuiteApproval Basics Include:
  • EventAwareTM (Next Stage Approval Real-Time User Notification)
  • Create any number Sign-Off States
  • Assign any number of User Groups to each Sign-Off State
  • Create any number of Flow Charts
  • Assign any number of Sign-Off States to a Flow Chart
  • Configure each Sign-Off State in a Flow Chart by selecting & ordering Approvers
  • Assign a Flow Chart to a N/C File, Document or Packet with Final Settings
  • Create On-The-Fly Flow Chart/Sign-Off States for one-offs
  • Select & Assign Flow Charts from List or existing instanced Flow Charts
  • Real-Time Approval & Sign-Off Reminders


SuiteApproval Create Sign-Off States:
  • You can create as many Individual Sign-Off States as Required
  • You assign to each Sign-Off State one or more User Group(s)

Sign-Off States can have one or more of it's Users or User Groups play the Role(s) of "Document" Approvers.

Examples of Sign-Off States:
  • Development (3 Sign-Off Users)
  • Tryout(3 Sign-Off User Groups)
  • Pre-Production(2 Sign-Off Users and 2 Sign-Off User Groups)
  • ,Etc.!

Flow Charts

SuiteApprovalTM Create Sign-Off Flow Charts:
  • You can create as many Individual Flow Charts as Required
  • You can assign as many Individual Sign-Off States as Required for each Flow Chart
  • You can configure each Sign-Off State by selecting Approver(s)
  • You can have the Approvers in a set order or random

At this stage you have created the Flow Charts which are the Entities that get assigned to N/C Files, Documents or Packets. Before a N/C File, Document or Packet is Approved for Production each Sign-Off State needs individual Approval.

Flow Charts

SuiteApprovalTM Assigning Flow Charts:
  • Select a N/C File, Document or Packet
  • Select a Flow Chart from: Controlled Documents, N/C Files, Packets or Flow Charts
  • Select a Specific Flow Chart from one of the Lists
  • Optionally create & assign On-The-Fly Flow Charts for one-offs

At this stage you have Assigned a Flow Chart to a N/C File, Document or Packet. Before this N/C File, Document or Packet can be Approved each Sign-Off State needs to be individually Approved.


SuiteApprovalTM Reminds User(s) of Files Waiting for Approval:
  • Users notified when N/C Files need Approval
  • Users notified when Documents need Approval
  • Users notified when Packets need Approval

SuiteApprovalTM allows a particular User or any User in a User Group to Sign-Off & Approve Files waiting for approval for that User Group/Sign-Off State. It only reminds them when it's their turn to Sign-Off these Files, Documents and or Packets.

It Works

SuiteApprovalTM How it Works

In essence using the SuiteApproval methodology requires that a "File" traverses a list of Sign-Off States which individually need to be approved before that "File" is fully Approved for "Production".

As the UnApproved "File" traverses the Sign-Off States a User can only access the "File" associated with a particular Sign-Off State if it is in a Pending Approval State. Once it has been approved for that Sign-Off State a User can no longer access that "File" in that Sign-Off State.

By placing Users in the Appropriate User Group/Sign-Off State Combinations you have full control over who can access Unapproved "Files".

Options & Upgrades:

SuiteApproval as an Add On:

SuiteApproval's Parent Applications
  • SuiteFactory
  • SuiteShop
  • SuiteDNC
  • SuiteDocs

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