Ethernet Serial Hubs, Adapters & Cables, TM
Traditional SuiteFactory Hardware MediaTM
A Traditional Media for providing Communications to your Machine Tools

A SuiteFactoryTM Hardware Module
For WindowsTM Windows 7/XP/Vista including Terminal Server Support
Ethernet Serial Hubs, Adapters and SuiteCablesTM are part of the SuiteFactory family of traditional components used to connect Machine Tools to SuiteFactory's DNC Network. If you already have a legacy infrastructure using RS232 cabling or your Machine Tools will never be moved, Traditional Communications Media may be appropriate.

If you are setting your shop up for Lean Practices and the use of Traditional media for Machine Tool Communications is a bottle neck see SuiteWirelessTM offerings.
Ethernet Serial Hubs, Adapters and SuiteCablesTM for Traditional Communications

Ethernet Serial Hubs
    Ethernet Serial Hubs can be placed anywhere a network connection exists:
  • Quick, easy install
  • Units support 4, 8, 16 & 32 Ports
  • Baud rate up to 230 Kbps
  • Supports 10/100Base-T Ethernet switch
  • Multi-server port assignment
  • Note: These units support RS-232 interface standards on each port, and are ideally suited for applications where you need to connect peripherals that are located long distances from the server. Serial ports can reside outside the server anywhere on the LAN—so the server can be kept in a secure back-office location while serial devices conveniently reside anywhere they are needed! What's more, costly and inconvenient serial cabling can be avoided.

Serial Adapters
    Serial Adapters can be placed in any network computer:
  • Supports PCI bus architectures
  • Supports RS-232 and RS-422 serial interfaces (depending on model)
  • Both fan-out cables and serial interface boxes available, supporting DB9, DB25, and RJ45
  • Up to 32 COM ports can be added using a single slot
  • Highly optimized on-board processor delivers sustained throughput across all ports
  • Note: These Adapters can transmit and receive data four times faster than standard UART technology—up to 460 Kbps full duplex across all ports simultaneously.

    SuiteCablesTM for all of you legacy Communications needs:
  • Any length in increments of 50'. Specials on request
  • Fully shielded with pre-made Connector sets
  • DB9 pin, DB25 pin & RJ45 Conntectors
  • Wired for Software and Hardware Hand-Shaking
  • Note: We turn around your order the same day!
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