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Captures and Writes all Application Errors to Local Error Lists
Instantly Investigate and Email Error Lists Occurring on any Workstation
Part of an Integrated Family of SuiteFactoryTM EventAwareTM Modules
For Windows 7TM/Windows XPTM including Terminal Server Support

SuiteErrorLogTM Module is the Perpetual Guard Monitoring SuiteFactory for any Problems! It intercepts and Logs any Errors that occur within SuiteFactory or other Errors that have a direct effect on SuiteFactory. The Manufacturing Environment is mission critical for Businesses and any Errors that cause a stoppage or slowdown need be minimized.

You need to know what happened. Was it the company network, bad hardware, was it Security, other Network Changes, etc? Is it SuiteFactory, perhaps it's a bug? SuiteErrorLogTM Intercepts, Records and Notifies you of all Errors. Just open up the Error Logs and you can find out why or have us analyze them!

SuiteErrorLogTM A SuiteFactoryTM Support Module


SuiteErrorLogTM Basics

SuiteErrorLog'sTM Basics Include:

  • EventAwareTM Technologies(Real-Time Display & Recording of Errors)
  • Capture and Record Errors to Error-Logs
  • Captures Complete Error Traces
  • Real-Time Error Capture and Display
  • Immediate Feed-Back to User
  • All SuiteFactory Routines can Generate and Capture all Errors
  • Error View Window for displaying all Errors Captured


Error Capture

If an error occurs for any reason while you are either using SuiteFactory's User Runtime or Maintenance Engine SuiteFactory will capture it, display a green frowny face to indicate an error has occurred and log it in Real-Time

The user can click on the green frowny face and the last error that occurred will be displayed allowing you to print, ignore or save this error for a supervisor to review.

No matter what the choice is this error is recorded in the error log and saved for analysis.



Error Logs

A complete error log is generated at each Workstation where SuiteFactory Runtime or Maintenance Engine is operating so no matter whenever of wherever an Error occurs SuiteErrorLogTM will Capture it and Write it to a Log.

These Logs contain all of the relevant information needed to diagnose the Problem including a detailed error trace where the error occurred with dates and times.

These Error Logs can be viewed by an administrator at anytime by going to the "View" Menu and the choosing "View Error Log" submenu.


Error Lists

If the Problem can't be solved immediately over the phone all you have to do is to zip up your pertinent Error Logs, create an Email with a brief description and push the "send" button!

Remember we are only an Email away from reviewing your Error Logs so "Find them", "Copy them", "Zip them" and "Email them" to us.

We will immediately review these Error Logs and analyze these to determine the cause and we will make recommendations if it's not a bug, recommend a work around if need be and then fix it!

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