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Provides separate databases for all Deleted Files & Documents
View, Recover or Permanently Purge Selected Files & Documents from the Archive
Part of an Integrated Family of SuiteFactoryTM EventAwareTM Modules
For Windows 7TM/Windows XPTM including Terminal Server Support

SuiteFileArchiveTM provides a secondary Database and the needed Tools for Managing Files & Document that have been deleted from SuiteFactory's main database.

When the life cycle of your Files and Documents is at an end you can delete them from SuiteFactory's main database without concern as the are automatically Archived in the Archived secondary Database.

Using SuiteFileArchive you can recover a File or Document if it has been delete by mistake or you just need to recover it for whatever reason.

SuiteFileArchive also provides the Tools to Permanently Purge selected Files & Documents.

SuiteFileArchiveTM A SuiteFactoryTM Support Module




SuiteFileArchive'sTM Basics Include:

  • Automatic Archiving of deleted N/C Files(Separate Database)
  • Automatic Archiving of purged N/C Files(Separate Database)
  • Automatic Archiving of deleted Documents(Separate Database)
  • Automatic Archiving of purged Documents(Separate Database)
  • Basic Search Criteria used for Finding Files & Documents
  • Search Engine uses "Search Criteria" for Finding Files & Documents
  • File & Document Viewing Capability
  • Recover Function
  • Permanent Purge Feature

Automatic Archive

Of Deleted & Purged

Files & Documents

SuiteFileArchiveTM Automatic Archival of Deleted Files & Documents:

  • Files Deleted are Automatically Archived
  • Files Purged are Automatically Archived
  • Documents Deleted are Automatically Archived
  • Documents Purged are Automatically Archived

Note: SuiteFileArchiveTM Automatically Archive Files & Document that are Deleted or Purged from SuiteFactory.

Search Engine

For Locating

Files & Documents

Use SuiteSearchTM to Locate any "Documents" using the Following:

  • Name
  • Version
  • Last Accessed
  • Last Modified
  • Size
  • Type
  • Archive Original
  • Archive Timestamp
  • Archive User Name

Note: SuiteFileArchiveTM uses SuiteFactory'sTM SuiteEngineTM for locating any Files or Documents that have been archived from SuiteFactory'sTM main database.

Use SuiteEngineTM to select the properties on which you want to search for the File or Document. You can create multi-level search field for locating any File or Document. See the File/Document properties you can search for:

Archiving Functions


Files & Documents

SuiteFileArchiveTM Functions for Files & Documents To:

  • Find Documents
  • View Documents
  • Recover Documents
  • Permanentley Purge Documents

When deleting a File or Document you can be assured that it is not permanently lost since SuiteFileArchive Archives these Files & Documents Automatically!

Need to recover a Document? Just go into the Manage Controlled Documents Window and click on the Manage Archive Menu and Archive Window of Documents will be opened where you can:

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