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Virtual File Cabinets for all your Organizational Needs!
A Full-Featured, Fully Secured, Database-Driven, Administrative
Part of an Integrated Family of SuiteFactoryTM EventAwareTM Modules
For Windows 7TM/Windows XPTM including Terminal Server Support

SuiteFileCabinetsTM is database driven module designed to help you and your Company to Logically and Securely Organize and Store all of your Documents, Notes & Files for all of your Projects, Tasks.

The Historical Solution has always been to use the trusted "File Cabinet" paradigm to Manage and Organize a Company's Documents, Notes, Files, etc.

SuiteFileCabinetsTM is the 21st Century Electronic("Virtual File Cabinets") paradigm of the File Cabinet, but with numerous advantages some including Security, Document Control, User Access Control, etc.

SuiteFileCabinetsTM an Integrated SuiteFactory Module


SuiteFileCabinetsTM Basics

SuiteFileCabinets'TM Basics Include:

  • EventAwareTM Technologies(Real-Time File Cabinet Updates on All Workstations)
  • Create any number of File Cabinets
  • Create any number of Draws, Folders, Sub-Folders within a File Cabinet
  • Establish Security on any File Cabinet, Draw, Folder or Sub-Folder
  • Drag, Drop & Move File Cabinets, Draws, Folders & Sub-Folders
  • Icons indicate if File Cabinets, Draws, Folder & Sub-Folders are occupied
  • Turn-On/Off File Cabinets views as needed
  • Drag & Drop Documents & Files directly from with-in or external to SuiteFactoryTM
  • Automatic Import & Naming of all your External Documents & Files
  • Manual Importing & Naming of all your External Documents & Files

SuiteFileCabinetsTM Management

SuiteFileCabinets'TM Manage File Cabinet View:

  • Create Complete Company-Wide Hierarchal Structure
  • Name-Rename File Cabinets
  • Set Security for File Cabinet, Draw, Folder & Sub-Folder
  • View Allowed Users & User Groups for any File Cabinet, Draw, Folder & Sub-Folder
  • Set External Folder location for Automatic Importing
  • Drag, Drop & Move the File Cabinet Structure(s)

SuiteFileCabinetsTM Organization

SuiteFileCabinetsTM Organization Details:

  • Organize your File Cabinets By Customer
  • Organize your File Cabinets By Users
  • Organize your File Cabinets By Tasks
  • Organize your File Cabinets By Projects

Note: Within a File Cabinet you have You can create Draws, Folders & Sub-Folders to further Organize the particular "Category" of File Cabinets you Create.

SuiteFileCabinetsTM Security

SuiteFileCabinetsTM Security Includes:

  • View/Change File Cabinet Properties
  • Explode View to any Level
  • Restrict Access by User
  • Restrict Access by User Group
  • View User Groups that have Access
  • Create Import Path for Automatic Import of Documents, Files & Packets(Option)
  • Change Name of File Cabinet

Note: SuiteFileCabinetsTM save the present Exploded View for the next time you return. You don't have to recreate the present View.

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