A Document & File Control Module
A Add-On Module for Adding & Controlling Documents & Files
Part of an Integrated Family of SuiteFactoryTM Business AwareTM Modules
For Windows 7TM/Windows XPTM including Terminal Server Support

SuiteFilesTM is a database-driven module that provides capability to add Control Documents & Files to SuiteFactoryTM for specific tasks, projects, manufacturing operations, etc.

These Controlled Documents & Files can then be either placed into SuiteFileCabinetsTM or if you are using SuitePacs you can then add these Controlled Document & Files into the Controlled Packet Container.

Note: You can then retrieval of any these Files & Documents using SuiteSearchTM.

SuiteFilesTM An Integrated Secure File Management Module


SuiteFactoryTM User

Login Security

Provide your Company with Secure User Logins:

  • Administrators controls who can access any item and to what extent.
  • Administrators can Create any number of Users
  • Administrators can Create User Groups with different Rights Limiting User's Access
  • Administrators controls over 100 Rights

SuiteFilesTM Basics

SuiteFiles'sTM Basics Include:

  • Business AwareTM Technologies (Real-Time Event Capture & Reporting)
  • SuiteFileCabinetsTM
  • SuiteSearchTM
  • SuiteReportsTM
  • SuiteEMailTM
  • SuiteCitrixTM
  • SuiteErrorLogTM
  • Ability to Manually Import any Document Into SuiteFactory'TM Secure Database
  • Ability to Automatically Import any Document Into SuiteFactory'TM Secure Database
  • Ability to View any Documents with a Native or Optional AutoVue Viewer


SuiteFileCabinetsTM is an Organization Tool so you Can:

  • Create a Controllable Hierarchy using "Virtual File Cabinets"
  • Create as many Secure "Virtual File Cabinets" as needed
  • Create as many Secure: "Draws", "Folders" & "Sub-Folders" as your needs require
  • Drag & Drop in your Documents into "Virtual File Cabinets"
  • Automatically Import your Files & Documents into "Virtual File Cabinets"
  • Click on any Document in the "Virtual File Cabinet" for an Instant View(s)


SuiteSearchTM allows Creation of Meta Data Fields so you Can:

  • Create and Populate Keyword Fields
  • Create and Populate Text Fields
  • Create and Populate Pick-List Fields
  • Create and Populate Date Fields
  • Create and Populate Boolean Fields
  • Create and Populate Note Fields
  • Use SuiteSearchEngine to Locate any Files, Documents or Packets

Note: The SuiteSearchEngine can be quickly configured to search for any Files, Documents or Packets using the Meta Data Defined and Populated by you.


SuiteReportsTM provides File Histories which Report:

  • Controlled Document File History sorted alphabetically, oldest to newest
  • Controlled Document File History sorted alphabetically, newest to oldest
  • Controlled Document File History sorted by id, oldest to newest
  • Controlled Document File History sorted by id, newest to oldest
  • Etc.


SuiteEMailTM Allows Users To:

  • Email Documents to User (Converts to Folder Structure)
  • Email Documents to Distribution Group (Converts to Folder Structure)


SuiteFilesTM directly supports Citrix so You Can:

  • Load SuiteFilesTM on a Few Servers Deploy to Many Clients
  • Access SuiteFilesTM Securely Internet Wide
  • Reduce Cost of Ownership since SuiteFilesTM is Citrix Compliant
  • Access SuiteFilesTM using PCs, Smart Phones, Blackberries, et.


SuiteErrorLogTM No Finger Pointing since SuiteErrorLog Captures:

  • Software Bugs
  • Hardware Problems
  • Network Problems
  • The what, where and when

Note: SuiteErrorLogTM Knows What, Where & When it Happened and Intercepts, Records and Notifies you of all Errors.

Options & Upgrades:

SuiteFilesTM Options:

SuiteFilesTM Options

  • Additional SuiteFileCabinets Licenses
  • Additional Document Sessions (SuiteFiles Access from additional Workstation)
  • Additional Workstations (General Access for Shop, Engineering, Administration, etc.)
  • Additional User Groups (Provide User Rights for Secure Access to SuiteFiles)

SuiteFilesTM Upgrades:

SuiteFilesTM Upgrades

  • SuitePacsTM
  • SuiteTrackerTM: History Logging and File & Document Tracking & Reporting
  • SuiteChartsTM: Real-Time Intelligent Interative Charting
  • SuiteDocumentControlTM: SuiteFiles, SuiteFiles, SuiteThirdPartyTools & SuiteSearch
  • SuiteLanguageTM: Managing Menus, Managing/Creating new Languages

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