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Machine Event Creation, Collection, Reporting and Management Module
Take control of your Production by Capturing and Recording Machine Tool Events
Part of an Integrated Family of SuiteFactoryTM EventAwareTM Modules
For Windows 7TM/Windows XPTM including Terminal Server Support

SuiteMonitoringTM is the SuiteFactoryTM Component Module for Efficiently Creating, Managing, Collecting and Reporting Real-Time Machine Tool Production, Measurement, Maintenance, etc. Events.

You can use SuiteMonitoring to Manage and Create virutally any type of a Machine Tool Related Event to Collect, Record, Generate Reports and Display Real-Time Charts For: Cycle Counts, Cycle Times, Idle Times, Cycle Start, Cycle End, Probe Data, Tool Changes, Feed Rate Override, Machine Hold, Maintenance, etc.

You can insert the appropriate Events into N/C Files or Macros so when a Program or Macro executes a SuiteMonitoring Event is output from the Machine Tool and communicated to SuiteFactory where it is intercepted, parsed and Recorded in the Database and past on to SuiteCharts where these Events are display Real-Time.

If you have Manual Machines and or other types of Cost Centers and would like to collect Events use SuiteMDITM. SuiteMDI can also be used for tasks such as collection Maintenance Information.

SuiteMonitoringTM is an Event & Report Generator with Intelligent Real-Time Charting




SuiteMonitoring'sTM Basics Include:

  • EventAwareTM Technologies (Applications Automatically Capture Configured Events)
  • Create your own Machine Events
  • Configure Machine Events
  • Real-Time Machine Status Displayed
  • Real-Time Intelligent Charting
  • Real-Time Emailing of Selectable Events
  • Configurable Report & Report Filters For All Reports
  • Save Report Filtered Template For Single Click Reporting
  • Embed Events in Dummy N/C Files and upload (If your Controller doesn't support Macros)
  • DPRNT And Macro B Support
  • Programmable Logic Controller Support
  • Haas Software & Hardware I/O Event Monitoring Support
  • SuiteMDI - Manual Data Input for Manual Machines, Non-Macro Machines, Data Centers and or Maintenance.

DPRNT And Macro B


SuiteMonitoringTM using DPRNT(s) And Macro B(s) Supports:

  • Inserting Start/End DPRNTs Events Directly into your N/C Programs
  • Capturing of Embedded DPRNTs in N/C programs(start, end, tool changes, probe collection, etc.)
  • Capturing DPRINTs generated by Macro B routines on controllers
  • Processing these Machine/Production/Probe Events in real-time
  • Storing these Events in SuiteFactory's database
  • Generating Configurable Machine/Production/Probe Reports

PLC Event

Programming Support

SuiteMonitoring'sTM PLC (SuitePLCTM) Supports:

  • Outputing Events in lieu of DPRNTS of if your controller doesn't support DPRNTs
  • Outputing Events from Manual Machine Tools
  • Picking up signals from the machine tools and Outputting Events to indicate such things as: Cycle Start, Cycle Stop, Tool Change, Feed-Hold, Feedrate Override, etc.

Create Event

Reports With

Configurable Filters

SuiteMonitoringTM Supports Configurable Reports so You Can:

  • Generate Machine Event Reports
  • Generate Session Activity Reports
  • Generate Collected Data by Machine and Data Item Reports
  • Generate Collected Data by Data Item and Machine Reports
  • Generate Machine Utilization Chart Reports
  • Generate & Display Real-Time Utilization 7-Day History Chart (SuiteCharts)


Configurable Machine


SuiteMonitoringTM Allows you To:

  • Create DPRNT Event Cycle Count Commands
  • Create DPRNT Event Tool Change Commands
  • Create DPRNT Event Probe Data Commands
  • Create Virutally any DPRNT Event Commands

Note: These DPRNT commands can then be placed in the N/C File at the appropriate place to generate the Machine/Production/Probe/Ect. Events so you will always know how efficient your shop is!

Save Current Filtered &

Report Template For

Single Click Reporting

SuiteMonitoringTM Allows you To:

  • Create Individual Event Report Templates
  • Save Individual Event Report Templates as Shared with Your Report Name
  • Save Individual Event Report Templates as Private with Your Report Name
  • Copy, Modify and Save an Existing Template

Note: This allows you to choose a Template/Report by simply clicking your saved Template and automatically generating your reports.

Configure once for Single Click Reporting!

Real-Time Machine

Status Displayed At

Any SuiteFactory Client

SuiteMonitoringTM Allows you To:

  • Display the current Event being processed on selected Machine Tools in Real-Time
  • Select the Displayed List of Monitored Machine Tools at Each Client
  • Select a Different List of Monitored Machine Tools at Different Clients
  • Display a Green Light if a Machine is Running
  • Display a Red Light if a Machine is not Running

Note: This Real-Timd Data Displayed can includes Machine Name, Last Event Command, DNC File, DNC File Version, Status, Run, Idle, Elapsed Time, Cycle Count, Start Time, Last Event Time, Exceptions, Tool Number, Probe Val, Tool Number, Spinde Load, etc.

Real-Time Intelligent

Charting Displayed at

Any SuiteFactory Client

SuiteMonitoringTM Allows you To:

  • Select a Specific Machine Tool using its Events to display an Intelligent Chart(SuiteCharts)
  • Displays: Machine Name, Last Event Command, DNC File & Version, etc. Real-Time Charting
  • Select a Different List of Monitored Machine Tools at Different Clients

Note: You can interactively click on the SuiteCharts' Display and retrieve collected data for that Event!

Real-Time Emailing

Of Selected Events

SuiteEMailTM Allows you To:

  • Email Events from Machine Tool Macros
  • Email Events from Machine Tool N/C File
  • Email Events from SuiteMDI

Note: You must be able to support SMTP to Email!

Haas Software &

Hardware I/O Event

Monitoring Support

SuiteMonitoringTM Allows you To:

  • Collect Hardware I/O Events from Haas Controllers
  • Collect Software I/O Events from Haas Controllers

Note: CAD/CAM Integration, Inc. worked with Haas & Tobyhanna Army Depot to develop and implement these Specifications. We will be continuing to support Haas's solutions for the latest industrial standards for collecting production and manufacturing data.


SuiteMonitoringTM Options:

SuiteMonitoringTM Options

  • Additional SuiteMonitoringTM Licenses (Add for additional Machine Tools)

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Cycle Start

Cycle End

Tool Change

Probe Measurement

Maintenance Start

Machine Idle

Do you Have Events Going On in Your Shop? Are Your Events Unique? Would you like to Create, Deploy, Capture and Report Them? Use SuiteFactory to do it All and Analyzes the Results!