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An Enterprise Management & Communications Manufacturing Application
That Manages, Captures, Analyzes & Presents Data in Real-Time allowing Companies
To Make Informed Decisions that effect their Operation's Profitability
Supports Windows 7TM/Windows XPTM, CitrixTM including Terminal Server Support

SuiteShopTM is part of SuiteFactory's Enterpise Management System's Suite of Secure Integrated Manufacturing Applications built upon CAD/CAM Integration's Standard and Optional Modules. These Modules' are founded upon EventAwareTM Technologies keeping Manufacturing Users and Applications in Sync.

SuiteShopTM is a Complete Shop Floor Management System that keeps Users and Applications in Sync by continuously "Listening" & "Responding" to Customer Creatable & Settable Events. These Customer Based Critical Events trigger the Capturing, Recording and Analyzing of Manufacturing Data in Real-Time so Users can make informed decisions using Real-Time & Accurate Data.

This Captured Manufacturing Data can then be Managed and Analyzed using a Host of SuiteShop Tools including SuiteFactory'sTM SuiteThirdPartyToolsTM which provides a connection to a Customer's Third-Party Applications. If you use Citrix You can be anywhere in the World and access SuiteShop using your Smart Phone, Tablet or Laptop since SuiteFactory Supports Citrix!

SuiteShopTM Part of a Suite of Fully Managed Integrated Application with International Language Support



User Login Security

Provide your Company with Secure User Logins:

  • Administrators Create User Names
  • Administrators Create User Passwords
  • Administrators Create User Group Login/Logout Timeouts
  • Administrators Select User Group Categories and Configures Categories' Rights
  • Administrators Create any number of Users
  • Administrators Create User Groups with Rights that Control User's Access
  • Administrators controls over 120 Rights

ShopFloor Basics

SuiteShop'sTM Basics Include:

  • Create & Manage any number of Roles using Users & User Groups
    • Administrators
    • Operators
    • Supervisors
    • Engineers
    • More...
  • Organize and Manage all of your SuiteShop Files
  • Archive, Restore & Purge all of your Files
  • Archive, Restore & Purge all of your File Histories
  • Organize and Manage all of your Machine Tools
  • Configure and Manage all of your Distributed CNC Communication's Clients
  • Group Machine Tools, Users, SuiteShop Files & Packets Logically
  • Use Sign-Off and Approval for all of your SuiteShop Files(Options available)
  • Use SuiteReportsTM for Complete Configuration Reports(Options available)
  • Use SuiteReportsTM for complete Up & Download Reports(Options available)
  • Use SuiteChartsTM for Real-Time Charting of Up & Downloads(Options available)
  • Use SuiteFileCabinetsTM to Manage Files, Packets, Projects, etc.(Options available)
  • Optionally use SuitePacsTM for Securely creating Operations & Travelers
  • Optionally integrate SuiteDocsTM for a Complete Manufacturing Management System
  • Optionally use SuiteMonitoringTM for Event Capture & Management
  • Use SuiteMDITM for Manually Capturing & Reporting of Events
  • Use SuiteCitrixTM for Virtualizing & Managing World Wide

Universal Protocol Generator

Using SuiteFactory'sTM Universal Protocol Generator you can:

  • Generate virtually any RS232/UNC/FTP Communications Protocol.
  • Support virtually any request(Download, Upload, Email, etc.) From the Machine Tool.
  • Support any UNC Controller.
  • Support any FTP Controller.
  • Select From Many Binary Protocols such as Mazatrol.


SuiteRequestTM is an Univeral RemoteRequest Command Generator Server and Processor that:

  • Allows Personal to Request their Files right from Their Machine Tools
  • Generates the complete Remote Request Set
  • Intercepts Requests from the Machine Tool
  • Replies to the Remote Requests from the Machine Tool
  • Records Remote Request Results


SuiteHelpFilesTM is an Universal Help Generator that allows you to:

  • Create "Generic Help Topics" without limits for use by any and all machine tools
  • Create "Default Help Topic" for a specific machine tool
  • Create "Specific Help Topics" for a specific machine tools

Note: Why would you want to create and use Help Files? Well, are you required to keep OSHA Documents, Quality Proceedure Documents, Basic Machine Tool Operation Proceedures, Fixture Instruction, List of Phone-Contacts, Email Addresses (SuiteFactory allows sending emails from CNCS), etc. If the answer is "Yes" then you can use SuiteFactory's Help File capabilities. A User can use SuiteFactory's Remote Request to download a Managed & Controlled Help File of any Topic be it Generic, Specific to their CNC or a Default Help File. SuiteFactory automatically puts the Text in correct Comment format for the CNC Operator. You don't need to keep documents at the Machine Tool which could be lost, changed or outdated. You can Use SuiteFactory's Editor to create Help Files from existing documents or from scratch. Why create any number of Note Books which clutter up the Operator's workplace when they can just request it like any other N/C File? This is a digital world!


SuiteReportsTM for SuiteShop Supports the Following Categories:

  • Configurations: Setup Details; Workstations with Details;Resource Collections with Details; Machines with Details
  • DNC Files: General Reports 7 categories; History Reports 16 Categories
  • Controlled Documents: General Reports 8 categories; History Reports 5 Categories
  • Packets: General Reports 9 categories; History Reports 5 Categories
  • Machine Events: General Reports 9 categories;

Note: All of these reports can be filtered using SuiteFactory's SuiteFilter which will allow you to create reports based on settable: Time Frames; Users; Machines; Events Major & Minor; DNC Files; etc.;


SuiteEMailTM General Email Capability including CNC EMailing:

  • EMail any File(s), Document(s) or Packet(s) to Anybody!
  • From CNC: Off Shift Emergencies
  • From CNC: Off Shift Production Updates
  • From CNC: Off Shift Personnel Updates
  • Email SuiteShop Files, Documents & Packets to Users
  • Email SuiteShop Files, Documents & Packets to Distribution Groups


SuiteShopTM support for Citrix Virtualization so You Can:

  • Load SuiteShopTM on a Few Servers Deploy to Many Clients
  • Access SuiteShopTM Securely Internet Wide
  • Reduce Cost of Ownership since SuiteShopTM is Citrix Compliant
  • Access SuiteShopTM using PCs, Smart Phones, Blackberries, et.


SuiteErrorLogTM No Finger Pointing since SuiteErrorLog Captures:

  • Software Bugs
  • Hardware Problems
  • Network Problems
  • The what, where and when

Note: SuiteErrorLogTM Knows the What, Where & When it Happened and Intercepts, Records and Notifies you of all Errors.

Unique File Names

Unique File Names

  • Database Requires a Unique File Name & ID(Key Field)
  • File Renaming creates a Reference Back to Original File Name
  • File Copying creates another unique ID with Reference Back to Original ID
  • Supports multiple File Versions using new ID Referenced Back to Original ID
  • When deleting "Files" the ID associated with it is never used again
  • SuiteFactory's unique File Naming allows Generation of Full Birth to Death Reports.

Note: "File Names" of N/C Files, Documents & Packets must be unique within their category. Whenever a new N/C Files, Documents or Packet is Created, Copied or Imported a Unique Name Check is performed and duplicates are not allowed.


SuiteFileArchiveTM Where old Files go to Rest

  • Automatic Archiving of deleted N/C Files(Separate Database)
  • Search Engine for Finding Files & Documents
  • File Viewing Capability
  • Recover Function
  • Permanent Purge Feature

Note: When the life cycle of your Files and Documents is at an end you can delete them from SuiteFactory's main database without concern as the are automatically Archived in the Archived secondary Database.


SuiteHistoryArchiveTM Where old Files go to Rest

  • Automatic Archiving of deleted Files(Separate Database)
  • Search Engine for Finding Files
  • Document Viewing Capability(Requires SuiteThirdPartyToolsTM)
  • Recover Function
  • Permanent Purge Feature

Note: When the life cycle of your Files and Documents is at an end you can delete them from SuiteFactory's main database without concern as the are automatically HistoryArchived in the HistoryArchived secondary Database.

Options & Upgrades:

SuiteShopTM Options:

SuiteShop's TM Options via SuiteLicense for Instant Internet Options

  • Additional ShopFloor Licenses (Add Communications for additional Machine Tools)
  • Additional ShopFloor Sessions (SuiteShopTM Access from additional Workstation)
  • Additional User Groups (Provide User Rights for Secure Access to SuiteShop)
  • Additional Resource Collections (Hold Files, Packets & Associated Machine Tools)
  • Additional Virtual File Cabinets(SuiteFileCabinetsTM for Security & Management)

SuiteShopTM Upgrades:

SuiteShop'sTM Upgrades via SuiteLicense for Instant Internet Upgrades

  • SuiteMonitoringTM: Automatic Capture & Storage of SuiteHistory and Machine Events
  • SuiteMDITM: Supports Manual Inputing of SuiteHistory and Machine Events
  • SuiteReportsTM: Advanced History Logging & Reporting
  • SuiteChartsTM: Real-Time Intelligent Interative Charting
  • SuiteApprovalTM: Advanced Approval & Sign-Off
  • SuiteThirdPartyToolsTM: Support Channel for Third-Party Applications
  • SuiteDocsTM: Complete Document Control System
  • SuiteSearchTM: Search Field Creation & Search Engine
  • SuiteLanguageTM: Managing Menus, Managing/Creating new Languages

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