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Start with DNC & then use SuiteFactory to Plan, Organize, Manage, Verify & Notify that your Shop Floor & its Machines are operating efficiently. Use 3D Hierarchical Views for Details of your Data, Documents & Production which provide Visual Access for Tracking how Efficiently your Company is using its Manufacturing Resources!

Successful Businesses Plan, Organize, Manage, Verify, Notify & Take Action

Use SuiteFactory's 3D Views and Plan, Organize, Manage, Verify & Notify

Want to be Successful?: Plan, Organize, Manage, Verify, Notify & Take Action!

Use SuiteFactory to Plan, Organize, Manage, Verify & Notify that your Shop Floor & its Machines are operating efficiently. Use 3D Hierarchical Views for Details of your Data, Documents & Production which provide Visual Access for Tracking how Efficiently your Company is using its Manufacturing Resources! Knowledge enables you to take educated Actions! SuiteFactory provides the knowledge you provide the Action!

Plan & Organize/Create
  • Plan & Create your Hierarchy: Plants; Buildings; Departments; Cells...
  • Plan & Create User Groups: Managing User Access Privileges
  • Plan & Create User User/Logins: Create any Number of Users
  • Plan & Create Resource Collections: Holders of CNC Machine Tool N/C Files
  • Plan & Create Machines: Protocols; Events; Remote Requests; etc.
  • Plan & Create Sign-Off States: Create ISO Approved Documents & Packets
  • Plan & Create Sign-Off Flow Charts: Create Document Approval Flows
  • Plan & Create Virtual File Cabinets: Organize Files, Docs & Packets
  • Plan & Create Travelers-Packets: Projects; Operations; Sub-Packets
  • Plan & Create Controlled Processes: Process Flow: Travelers; Tasks; ...
  • Plan & Create Emails: Email Documents & Email from CNC Machine Tools
  • Plan & Create Email Group Lists: Email to Single/Multiple Email Groups.
  • Plan & Create Clients For Users: Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, , etc.
  • Plan & Create Server Farms, Host Computers, WS: SuiteFactory Clients
  • Plan & Import Legacy N/C Files & Docs: Drag/Drop point to existing Folders
  • Plan & Create Communications Channels: Integrate 3rd-Party Apps
  • Manage Machines: Manage & View Company-wide Job Queues
  • Manage CNC Communications: Dynamic CNC Machine Tool Load Balancing
  • Manage Resource Collections: Add CNC Machine Tool N/C Files & Packets
  • Manage DNC Files: Upload, download, View, Approve, etc.
  • Manage Documents: Complete ISO9000 Document Control
  • Manage Packets: Complete Traveler & Project Control
  • Manage MDI: Manually enter Production, Machine Tool Probe Measurement
  • Manage Events: Create Cycle Counts, CNC Probe Measurements, etc.
  • Manage Server Farms, Host Computers, WS: Client Access to SuiteFactory
  • Manage Display CNC Events: Select Machines for Displaying Real-Time Events
  • Manage Saving CNC Events: Select Machines for Saving Real-Time Events
  • Display DNC File Uploads-Downloads: Real-Time Display of Up & Downloads
  • Display Machine Event Status: Real-Time Machine Events
  • Display Real-Time Charts: Click on CNC Efficiency Charts: Real-Time Results
  • Generate Reports: Production Efficiency; CNC Probes Measurements; More...
Notify (Wall Street Journal Article - How Notification Helped GE!)
  • Auto EMail Any Event: Emailing of Real-Time Events
  • Auto Text Message of Any Event: Text Messaging of Real-Time Events
  • Notification of SignOffs: Real-Time File SignOff Notifications

Once SuiteFactory is Deployed, how can it help You?

Once you have configured SuiteFactory you can create your 3D View for Laying Out your Factory, Managing your Machine Tools, Managing your Production Programs, Managing your ISO requirements, Importing all of your Legacy Files & Documents, Monitoring all of your Machines Tools Manual or Automated all from any SuiteFactory Client World-Wide. Sit Back and Experience the SuiteFactory Difference!

Securely Login into your 3D View of Manufacturing

By creating User Groups with restricted "Rights" and assigning Specific Users to a particular User Group you can Control Access to Files, Documents, Packets, etc. and System Features based on the User Groups "Rights" which best meeting the User's Roll in your Company!


Note: : After Logging in as an Administrator the following 3D Windows are displayed! Other Users would have restrictive Access/Rights.

After Login Access Any 3D View you have "Rights" to within SuiteFactory!

From this Window you can access any Feature, Data, Reports, etc. based on the User's "Rights". We will explore a few of these in the following Windows. Lets take a look at how we Manage & View Production Status & Machine Events by clicking on the "Show Machine Event Status" Icon!


Use your 3D View to Manage your Real-Time Production Status!

From this Window you can view any Machine's Cycle State, the Production Details of each Machine based on the selected Production program you created with SuiteMonitoringTM(pdf) or (html). You can select a different Production Program from the "Choose Item to Display" Drop Down menu selection in Real-Time! Remember that this can be a Probe Measurement Program, Maintenance, Cycle, etc. based on what you created. This is not Hard Coded! You can also use SuiteChartsTM(pdf) or (html) to Access Production Status Interactively! Click on the specific Event(s) in the Chart and get all of the Real-Time Event(s) Details!


Use your 3D View to Create & Manage your Company's Hierarchy

From this Window you can Create Hierarchies of Plants, Buildings, Departments, Cells.. according to your particular needs. There are several other Windows where you can create your own unique Hierarchies!

Note: You can create your own Hierarchies to any detail that you need to efficiently Manage your Manufacturing Environment!


A 3D View for Managing your Machines': Views, Queues, DNC Files, Packets and More!

From this Window you can Manage all of your Machine Tool Queues and Manage Your DNC Files & Packets. You can see the whole shop company wide and manage it from this Window!


Use your 3D View to Manage your DNC Files!

From the "Manage DNC Files" Menu Above, you can Manage Machine Queues, Edit Files, Approve Files, Add Files to Resource Collections, Edit Search Criteria, Create Machine Help Files, Access Third-Party Applications for Backplotting, Editing, etc. and much More! Depending on the User(Rights Restricted) you can Maximize or Minimize your 3D View!

Note: Can't find your Files, Documents and or Packets? Create your own Search Fields and Populate with your data so that No File is Left Behind!


Use your 3D View to Manage your Packets!

From the previous "Manage Packets" Menu, you can Create Packets(Traveler, Projects, etc.) and add: Files; Documents; Drawings; Sub-Packets, Approve: Packets; Files; Documents, and View: Drawings; Files; Documents, and Edit Search Criteria, Access Third-Party Applications for such things as: Back-Plotting; Editing; etc. and Assign Packets to Resource Collection and Virtual File Cabinets. There is Much More!


Use your 3D View to Configure your Machine Properties!

By Clicking on SuiteFactory Runtime's "Machine" Menu a Window is displayed where you can create new Machines, Edit Machine Parameters, Edit Machine Protocols, Edit Remote Request Commands, Associate these Machines with Resource Collections(Holder of N/C Files), Associate with Sign-Off Flow Charts, Associate Specific Machine Events with this Machine, Much More!


Use your 3D View to Access, Enter & Manage your Manual Data!

SuiteMDI is used for Manually entering various types of data(Production, Quality, Maintenance, etc.) whether for Manual, CNC Machine Tools, Various Non-Machine Tool Work Centers, etc. This collected & stored data is used to generate Real-Time & Historical "Reports" that indicates the Present & Past "States" of your Shop Floor. SuiteMDI uses the Production Programs you Created with SuiteFactory's SuiteMonitoringTM(pdf) or (html) per your Specifications to Generate the Automated(Macros and or DPRNTs) or Manual Data Entry Program!


Note: : Hard Coding is not an Option because you know your Shop better than Anybody else! Your Choice is Clear: Your Way-SuiteFactory, Their Way-Competition!

A few Details on what SuiteFactory Provides!