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Puzzled by what's happening on your Manufacturing Floor? Is your Manufacturing Floor EventWare (html) Informed or Clueless? Are you Swimming in a Sea of Paper or are you Paperless (html)? Need Real-Time Updates (html)? Need a Manufacturing Floor Manager (html)? Need a DNC System (html)?

Manufacturing Applications: SuiteFactory an EventWare Integrated Suite

Your Competitive Edge: Integrated EventAware Applications

Manufacturing not only has its traditional role of controlling Production but must deal with countless additional Requirements: ISO Standards, Government Regulations, Corporate Standards, the ever changing Customer Requirements, etc. So it's not only Production that needs to be Controlled, Captured, Stored and Shared but "All Relevant Data & Events" that affect your Business!

Some of these Real-Time Data & Events that affect your bottom-line include ISO-Document Compliance, Production Efficency, Machine Utilization, Quality, Machine Events, System Errors, System Access by Users, etc. If these Data & Events are not Captured, Controlled and Managed-Real-Time they will become Systemic Profit Consumers and will affect your Production, Quality, Scheduling, and your ability to react to Changes, thus your Bottom-Line! SuiteFactory is an Integrated EventAware Suite of Applications addressing all of these Areas.

SuiteFactory has and is evolving its technologies to address the capturing, storing, analyzing & reporting in real-times those Data & Events that effect the Totality of your Manufacturing Floor Profits.

Sharpening your Competitive Edge

If your Applications are truly Integrated not only do they need to communicate and share data with themselves but they must maintain communications with the Outside World! If your Applications can't "talk" to external Applications such as Microsoft's Application Suite are they really Integrated?

Manage, Monitor, Secure, & Communicate with SuiteFactory

Our Suite of EventAware Integrated Applications for Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality, etc. are fully "Data & Event Capture Ready" right out of the Box so you can Capture Real-Time Data & Events as they occur including any Third-Party Application's data stored in SuiteFactoryTM(pdf) or (html).

Verify! Don't Take Our Word!

Verify using SuiteReportsTM(pdf) or (html) with it's Custom Filtering for displaying, sorting, exporting & printing these Data & Events in customer configurable Reports: Production, Quality, Maintenance, etc.

Want to find out? We can Install SuiteFactory right over the Net?

Have a Legacy DNC System installed, looking for a replacement, new System, we can install a Demo over the Internet? No Sale Representatives banging at your Door. Just call us and within minutes you will have SuiteFactoryTM(pdf) or (html) Installed and running in your shop without removing your legacy System!

We Support our Customers!

Note: When you become a Customer of CAD/CAM Integration, Help & Service is just a login away! When you need help first Call us at 1-781-933-9500 then go to and enter the key we give you and within minutes we can diagnose any problems regarding SuiteFactoryTM(pdf) or (html) or other problems that effect SuiteFactoryTM(pdf) or (html) such as network issue, etc.

How do we do this? As part of SuiteFactoryTM(pdf) or (html) we include a tool SuiteErrorLogTM(pdf) or (html) which automatically collects errors into Error Collection Logs which we can diagnose! No guessing or finger pointing "Just the Facts Mam, Just the Facts". We Support our Systems and "Walk the Talk"

SuiteFactory's Suite of Integrated EventAware Applications for Manufacturing

Managing your Shop is A Snap

SuiteShopTM(pdf) or (html)

Creating Events is Easily

SuiteMonitoringTM(pdf) or (html)
  • Create Events Using EventAware Technologies
    • Cycle: Start-End
    • Tool Change
    • Shop Maintenance: Any Number of States
    • Probe Measurement-Other Data
    • First Piece Inspection, etc.
  • Real-Time Status
    • Interactive Intelligent Charting
    • Production Status with Data
    • Maintenance Status with States
  • Document Tracking: SuiteTrackerTM(pdf) or (html)
  • Configurable Production Reports & Filters
  • Haas Software & Hardware I/O Event Monitoring
  • Manual Input: SuiteMDITM(pdf) or (html)
  • EventAware: EventAwareTM(pdf) or (html)
  • More ....

Managing Documents is Simple

SuiteDocsTM(pdf) or (html)