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SuiteFactory allows you to take your present Window's Folder Based Structure with all of its N/C Files & Documents and drag and drop them onto SuiteFactory Virtual File Cabinets View creating a mirror structure in SuiteFactory!

Drag File Cabinets(Folder Structure & Documents) into SuiteFactory

Maintain your ISO9000 Compliant Database

Would you like to be able to store all of your Files and Documents in one Secure Database and access them for your daily projects & tasks without the fear not maintaining ISO9000 Compliance? SuiteFactory's SuiteThirdPartyToolsTM(pdf) or (html) allows creating any number of access channels for third-party applications so they can access their native "Files" stored in SuiteFactory's secure database. These applications can access their "Files" from within SuiteFactory to open, view & edit them. When finished they can be save back into SuiteFactory'sTM ISO Compliant, Revision Controlled Secure Database with Auto Archive Capabilities.

Virtual File Cabinets

SuiteFactory'sTM has a feature that allows you to take your present Window's Folder Based Structure with all of its documents and drag and drop them onto SuiteFactory'sTM Virtual File Cabinet Structure. Immediately the Virtual File Cabinet Structure is updated by duplicating your Folder Structure within SuiteFactory'sTM Structure. SuiteFactory also registers all of the Manufacturing Documents in your Folder Structure into SuiteFactory's TM Database while Enforcing Security!

Select a Folder Structure for Dragging Towards SuiteFactory's Virtual File Cabinets

Open the Window's Explorer to the Folder Structure you want to incorporate into SuiteFactoryTMand Drag it over a SuiteFactoryTM(pdf) or (html) Virtual File Cabinet Structure Dropping it on the appropriate Virtual File Cabinet!


Manage Controlled Documents' Window

Open SuiteFactory'sTM Manage Controlled Documents' Window displayed in the "Show File Cabinets" View and with the Structure expanded to the level where you would want to Drag and Drop the External Folder Structure onto SuiteFactoryTM(pdf) or (html)(See Below).

Dragging & Dropping "TopFolder" into SuiteFactory's Virtual File Cabinet Structure

Drag and Drop the Folder Structure to where you would like it to be incorporated. If you're not satisfied with its position after Dropping it Drag it to another Virtual File Cabinet!


SuiteFactory's Virtual File Cabinet is Populated with "TopFolder" Folder Structure

Here is what it looks like after the Drag & Drop Operation. Not satisfied? Have fun, Drag & Drop from Virtual File Cabinet to Virtual File Cabinet! Move individual File Cabinets around because SuiteFactory will keep track of it and its Documents! Knock yourself out!


Note: You can now access the Virtual File Cabinets and all of the Files contained in them like any other secure controlled file in SuiteFactory! Easy & Cool Right?