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Select an APT File from a Packet or a Virtual File Cabinet and use SuiteThirdPartyTools to connect to your Third-Party Application for Interactive Backploting before Converting and Using on your Machine Tool! View APT Commands Step by Step!

Interactive Backplotting of APT Files

Maintain your ISO9000 Compliant Database

Would you like to be able to store all of your Files and Documents in one Secure Database and access them for your daily projects & tasks without the fear not maintaining ISO9000 Compliance? SuiteFactory's SuiteThirdPartyToolsTM(pdf) or (html) allows creating any number of access channels for third-party applications so they can access their native "Files" stored in SuiteFactory's secure database. These applications can access their "Files" from within SuiteFactory to open, view & edit them. When finished they can be save back into SuiteFactory'sTM ISO Compliant, Revision Controlled Secure Database with Auto Archive Capabilities.

Manage Packets View

Using SuitePackets you can create Relevant Secure Searchable Containers(Operations, Tasks, Projects, etc.) that can be populated with Files, Documents, other Packets, etc. In the following example there is a collection DNC Files, Apt Files & CAD Drawings that would be used as an operation on the Manufacturing Shop Floor.

In the following example there is a Packet(Operation, Task, Project, etc.) with a collection DNC Files, Apt Files & CAD Drawings that represents a typical operation on the Manufacturing Shop Floor and graphically shows how an User can access these APT Files for Real-Time Interactive Backplotting.

Select APT File for Interactive Backplot


Visual Editor


Interactive Backplotting of an APT File


Note: You can now interactively zoom, rotate & translate this 3d view to any position you would like while viewing the moving tool or move backward or forward step by step!