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Now the fun begins! Peruse our Website for examples of how to use SuiteFactory. Download the various Documents, White Papers and Manuals. Call us if you need help or a live Demo!

SuiteFactory'sTM Using It

Need some Training?

Now that SuiteFactory has been installed and initialized you will need to do some additional configuring and creating of Machine Tools, User Groups, Users & Resource Collections, etc. in order to be able to use SuiteFactory.

If you installed the sample database we recommend you read the following "Guides" and poke around in SuiteFactory to get a feel for how the Sample Database was setup. If you need assistance please Call CCI 1-781-933-9500

SuiteFactory'sTM PDF(s) & HTML(s)

The Following are Guides for using the Various Features of SuiteFactory.TM Please feel free to use these PDFs & HTML for using SuiteFactory's Features. If you need assistance please Call CCI 1-781-933-9500.

Creating Machine Tools (pdf) or (html)

Creating Resource Collections (pdf) or (html)

Creating Users (pdf) or (html)

Creating User Groups TM(pdf) or (html)

Creating Third-Party Tools (pdf) or (html)

Creating Sign-Off States (pdf) or (html)

Creating Sign-Off Flow Charts (pdf) or (html)

Manage DNC Files (pdf) or (html)

Manage Controlled Documents (pdf) or (html)

Manage Packets (pdf) or (html)

General Installation Guide CopyrightedA Guide for Initial Installation after Software Installation

Administrator Guide CopyrightedA Guide for Administrators

Editing Guide CopyrightedA Guide for Editing Files

Operator's Guide CopyrightedA Guide for a Shop Operator

Operator's Quick Guide CopyrightedA Quick Guide for a Shop Operator