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SuiteLanguage(html) allows you to Create, Modify, Save & Export a new Local Language from any Country or Dialect. Change only a few of SuiteFactory's Menus to suit your tastes and the Language Management Center allows you to save & use them immediately!

SuiteLanguage for Creating your Own Dialects

SuiteLanguageTM a "Language Management Center" for International Communications

SuiteLanguage is composed of a "Language Management Center" Module that can be used to Create, Modify, Save, Export or Import a new Language. You can use the Language Management Center to set side by side Menus one in English and the other of your chosen Language so you can Enter these definitions Menu by Menu! SuiteLanguage makes it easy for you to create your own local Dialect.

SuiteLanguageTM an International Module

SuiteLanguage is a database-driven module that allows you to Create, Modify, Save, Import or Export an existing or new Local Language of any Country or Dialect. You can even change only a few of SuiteFactoryTM(pdf) or (html) Menus to suit your tastes and the Language Management Center allows you to make these minor changes to your local system or create a whole new local Language and send them back to CCI for inclusion into its future releases.

Configuring A Language Mode

SuiteLanguage allows a User to configure how SuiteFactory'TM menus are Displayed so as to aid a User when modifying or creating a new local Language:

Edit Text & Menus

SuiteLanguage'sTM "Language Management Center" Module allows Entering and or Modifying of an existing or new Language.

Publish Text & Menus

SuiteLanguage Publish User Interface

Update Text & Menus

SuiteLanguage Updates to Local Computer

Export Text & Menus

SuiteLanguageTM(pdf) or (html) Send Updates to CCI for Language Inclusion

Import Text & Menus

SuiteLanguage Import Latest Language Updates from CCI for Language Inclusion