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SuiteMDI (html) is a SuiteFactory Module for Efficiently Creating, Managing & Collecting Real-Time Manual Production, Manufacturing & State Events such as: Cycle Counts, Cycle Times, Idle Times, Cycle Start, Cycle End, Probe Measurements...

SuiteMDI an Enterprise Class Module

SuiteMDI A Manual Data Collection Application

Manual Data Collection Problem

In any Manufacturing Organization there are always Machines and or Cost Centers that are not Automated but the need to collect production information efficiently is still required. There is a need to organize, collect and submit this data to a central data collection application. The data then needs to be filtered & analyzed as if it were generate by an Automated Machine if you are going to be able to fully determine how efficiently your Shop Floor is Operating!

Manual Data Collection Solution

Wouldn't it be nice to have a system that you can use to generate Monitoring Programs for use on your Automated Machines and to also be able be use these on your Manual Machines and or non-automated Cost Centers? In addition it would be advantageous for this system to be able to automatically submit the collected data for processing to the central process center as though it came directly from your Automated Machines?

SuiteMDI For Manually Collecting Critical Production Information

Use SuiteMDI when Full Automation isn't possible

SuiteMDI is a SuiteFactory Module that can access any Programs Generated by SuiteMonitoring (html) so when Full Automation is not possible you can Manually Collect Production, Probe, Maintenance, etc. information & data which is immediately available to be used by SuiteCharts (html), SuiteReports (html) and any SuiteFactory Program at any Client.

SuiteMDI creates Real-Time Information

The Data & Information collected by SuiteMDI generates the same results as if it were inserted in N/C Files and Processed by CNCs with Macro capability. This emulates the automatic output of DPrint Statements to SuiteFactory which will process this information for displaying in Real-Time and or using SuiteReports for detailed Hard-Copy Reports!

SuiteMDI works with any Program Generated by SuiteMonitoring

SuiteMDI can use any program created with SuiteMonitoring to Manually: Collect, Record, Manage & Generate Reports For: Production/Cycle Counts, Production/Cycle Times, Production/Idle Times, Production/Cycle Start, Production/Cycle End, Probe Data, Tool Changes, Feed Rate Override, Machine Hold, etc. Once submitted to SuiteFactory these Events are treated just like they were automatically generated!

Note: Any Production, Machine or State Events created with SuiteMonitoring can be accessed & used by SuiteMDI.

SuiteMDI Basics Include:

SuiteMDITM Supports Manual Enter of Production & State Event Data

Note: SuiteMDI can Access any Pre-Configured Event therefore has the Appropriate Database Structure for capturing, storing, displaying of Real-Time Events & Charts and for generating reports using SuiteReports!

SuiteMDITM Allows you To Create Configurable Events:

Note: These Events can then be Accessed by SuiteMDI for inputing the Event Data in the appropriate "Text" Fields for submitting to SuiteMonitoring'sTM Processing Engine.

SuiteMDITM Supports Configurable Reports so You Can:

SuiteMDITM Allows you To Save Current Filtered & Report optionsMdi For Single Click Reporting:

Note: This allows you to choose a optionsMdi/Report by simply clicking your saved optionsMdi and automatically generating your reports. Configure once for Single Click Reporting!

SuiteMDITM Displays Real-Time Event Status At Any SuiteFactory Client

Note: This Real-Timed Data Displayed can includes Manual Machine Name, Last Event Command, DNC File, DNC File Version, Status, Run, Idle, Elapsed Time, Cycle Count, Start Time, Last Event Time, Exceptions, Tool Number, Probe Val, Tool Number, Spindle Load, etc.

SuiteMDITM Displays Real-Time Intelligent Charting At Any SuiteFactory Client

Note: You can interactively click on the SuiteCharts' Display and retrieve collected data for the selected Event!