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SuiteReports (html) Empowers you to Mine your Company's Data so you can analyze how efficiently your Company uses its Critical Resources and just as importantly is it meeting its ISO9000 obligations to its customers?

SuiteReports Bring Transparency to the Shop Floor

SuiteReports Displays Your Shop Floor's Health

SuiteFactory Captures Data using EventAware Technologies

SuiteFactory is a database driven suite of integrated applications built upon its core technologies one of which is EventAwareTM(pdf) or (html). By integrating EventAware Objects into our Applications & Modules they become capable of Automatically Generating & Collecting Events. These Events are really structures of information and data that contains everything you need to know about these specific Events as they happened on your Shop Floor!

Events are Immediately Shared, Parsed, & Stored in SuiteFactory.

As these Events are generated in SuiteFactory's Applications they are parsed, stored in SuiteFactory's Database and immediately shared amongst all of SuiteFactory's Applications. The fact that the information and data is immediately available to SuiteFactory makes it possible to to maximize its usefulness. How does one get the maximum information out of this information & data?

Well, just like Doctors, Analyze it!

Well, just like the tests Doctors perform on their patients, the data & information collected about their patients is completely meaningless unless its Intelligently Filtered and analyzed according to the Doctor's "Orders". Once Doctors have this analyzed information & data they present this data in Charts & Reports so they can visually see the health of their patients! Well Doctor what is the health of your Shop Floor?

Guess what? You are the Doctor for your Shop Floor

Guess what? You are the Doctor for your Shop Floor and you are constantly making Health decisions for your Shop Floor no matter if you have the correct information or not! Every time you make decisions it effects the Health of your Shop Floor and if you make the incorrect decision the patient may die immediately or worse slowly! So, since you have the responsibility for the health of the Shop Floor why not use the best tools to analyze its Health? Want to know what the health is of your Shop Floor? Then for Real-Time hard-copy Reports use SuiteReports (html) or for Real-Time Visual Reports use SuiteCharts (html) or better both!

SuiteReports'TM Basics Include:

SuiteReports'TM has built in Reports for:

SuiteReports'TM has built in Reports for:

General Reports

History Reports

SuiteTracker'sTM has built in Reports for:

General Reports

History Reports

SuiteReports'TM Filter Generates Reports Based on the following Criteria:

SuiteReportsTM(pdf) or (html)!