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SuiteSearch (html) provides you the ability to create search criteria columns that you populate with your unique search data. Using SuiteSearch's Search Engine you can Interrogate SuiteFactory database to locate any & all Files, Documents & Packets.

SuiteSearch Never Losing a File, Document or Packet

SuiteSearchTM: Tools for using your Words to Locate All Your Files, Documents & Packets

The Document Location Problem

Working in Manufacturing, Quality, Engineering or just in an Office requires you to have access to thousands of Files & Documents on a daily basis. You continually receive new documents, modify old documents, make documents obsolete, or deleted documents completely. This is just a fact of Life! In order to get your arms around managing these Documents you are forced setup some kind of system for locating these as needed to perform you job!

A Document Location Solution

It would be useful if there existed a System that allowed Files & Documents to be associated with a set of Key Words that are relevant to each File and or Document. This system would have to be flexible enough to allow the Users to be able to create any number of Key Word Fields so they could associate these Key Words with a particular File or Document. Then they would need to be able to find these Files & Documents using the very Key Words they have associated with a particular File and or Document! Sounds like a possible Document Solution. If you could create your own Key Fields and enter your own Key Words and then be able to find them using the Key Words from a secure database. Problem Solved!

SuiteSearchTM The Answer to the Document Location Problem

SuiteSearch is a Composite Module

SuiteSearch is a Composite Module that allows you to create Key Fields that you can associate with any File, Document and or Packet. You can then populate these Key Fields with your own Key Words. By using these Key Words and SuiteSearch's Sophisticated Search Engine you can locate any File, Document and or Packet by "Filtering" these Key Words against the Populated Key Fields.

SuiteSearch'TM Basics Include:

SuiteSearchTM Allows a User To:

SuiteSearchTM Allows a User To:

SuiteSearchTM Allows a User To:

The Search Engine can be quickly configured to search for any Files, Documents and or Packets based on their Properties and or Meta Data defined by the customer. The Search is defined by using built in boolean conditions to narrow the search range.

There can be up to 10 criteria used at the same time to locate the needed files and documents. The Search Engine can use the following criteria for its searches: standard file properties, key words, dates, integers, text, pick-list, etc.

SuiteSearchTM(pdf) or (html)!