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SuiteFactory has built-in support for Citrix (html) like Server Farms which are Virtualization Software Platforms providing World-Wide access to SuiteFactory so you can view your Shop's Activity via a Standard Browser!

Server Farms - Citrix

Primer - Server Farms

SuiteFactory has built-in support for CitrixTM Server Farms: I.E. Citrix Presentation Server/XenAppTM and similar Server Farm Virtualization software platforms. These platforms run on top of Microsoft Terminal Services and give you the ability to load software applications on only a small number of server farm host computers (often only one or two) but deploy these applications to many, many clients.

These applications run only on the farm's servers but appear to run on the end users' PC's or thin client terminals. The end users access these applications either through a client side plug-in program using remote login or via a web browser.

Note: If you allow Internet access to your Server Farms via a secure gateway, then applications loaded onto the Server Farms can be accessed anywhere on the web by users with proper credentials.

SuiteFactory Runtime


Note: From the above SuiteFactory Runtime Application you can click on the Server Farms... Icon to manage your Citrix Server Farms for Virtualization and World Wide Access to SuiteFactory. See the following Window for a more detailed View.

Server Farms Window


Note: The above SuiteFactory Window is used to associate Host Computers(Real Windows' Computers) with a particular Server Farm for supporting Virtualization so you can keep in touch with your Manufacturing Facility World Wide. Click on this Link CitrixTM Server Farms for complete quickview.