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Host Computers

Primer - Host Computers

SuiteFactory provides the ability to access Citrix type Server Farms using SuiteFactory by associating these Server Farms with physical workstations through-out your company's network. This will allow you to be access SuiteFactory from anywhere in the World using your Standard Browser.

Note: If you allow Internet access to your server farm via a secure gateway, then applications loaded onto the farm servers can be accessed anywhere on the web by users with proper credentials.

SuiteFactory Runtime


Note: From the above SuiteFactory Runtime Application you can click on the Host Computers... Icon to manage your Workstations and related Citrix Server Farms. See the following Window for a more detailed View.

Host Computers Window


Note: The above SuiteFactory Window is used to associate a Server Farm with a Host Computers(Real Windows' Computers) for supporting Virtualization so you can keep in touch with your Manufacturing Facility World Wide. Click on this Link CitrixTM Server Farms for complete quickview.