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The Maintenance Engine automatically imports all of your Files, Documents, Packets and UNC & FTP CNC Remote Requests to continually Sync Users & Applications.

SuiteFactory's Maintenance Engine Imports: CNC files; Documents; Packets

Primer - Maintenance Engine

The Maintenance Engine has four critical rolls that it plays and is the work horse for automatically importing all of your Files, Documents, Packets and UNC & FTP CNC Remote Requests so SuiteFactoryTM(pdf) or (html) can process these using EventAwareTM(pdf) or (html) Technologies for continually Syncing Users & Applications.

It's first roll:

Is to automatically import N/C Files into SuiteFactoryTM(pdf) or (html). This is accomplished by assigning a Window's Folder to an internal Resource within SuiteFactory called a "Resource Collection". Whenever Files are placed into this Window's Folder, let's say by an Engineer, and the Maintenance Engine is running these Files will automatically be imported into the associated Resource Collection(ISO9000 CNC Compliant database). Any Users that have the "Rights" to this Resource Collection can access these CNC Files.

It's Second roll:

Is to automatically Import Engineering & Office Documents into SuiteFactory'sTM SuiteFileCabinetsTM(pdf) or (html). Like Resource Collections File Cabinets can associate a Window's Folder to an internal Resource within SuiteFactory called a "File Cabinet". These Documents can be of any type: Excel, Word, Power Point, MasterCam, etc. Once Imported into SuiteFactory they can be Securely Managed and controlled to ISO9000 Requirements such as N/C File Revision Control, Histories, the Who, What, When, Where & Whys, etc.

It's Third roll:

Is to automatically Import Packets(a predefined folder structure) into SuiteFactory'sTM SuiteFileCabinetsTM(pdf) or (html) and automatically create and populate these Packets with the DNC Files, Manufacturing Shop Documents & Sub-Packets as contained within this folder structure. This flexibility allows an Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Manufacturing Programmer, etc. to create a folder structure of Files & Documents outside of SuiteFactory and imported these into SuiteFactory which provides ISO9000 Management & Control for all these Packets, Documents, Files & Projects.

It's Fourth roll:

Is to automatically Export SuiteFactoryTM(pdf) or (html) a CNC File List Report to a predefined location on the network only if changes occur. This Report can be output in many different formats such as: Excel, Text, Access, etc.

CNC File List

Maintenance Engine



The Maintenance Engine can run one instance system wide on any Workstation where SuiteFactory is operating. It can co-exist with SuiteFactory's Runtime & DNC Communication's Engine.