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Securely Manage & Control (html) all of your CNC Documents & Packets; Associated CNC Machine Files Enabling you to meet your Customer's Requirements while Maintaining ISO9000 CNC Document's Compliance!

Manage Documents(ISO9000 CNC Document Control)

Primer - Manage Documents

Manufacturing Facilities need to control the "Documents" that are used in the Manufacturing of their Parts & Assemblies. Automated machinery such as CNC Machine Tools require N/C Files(DNC Files) to "Drive" them and a myriad of Secure & Controlled Documents as part of the Parts & Assembly Manufacturing Process. These "Documents" need to be securely Managed & Controlled to assure that all ISO9000 Requirements are met including your Company's & Customer's. SuiteFactory's SuiteDocs provides the needed Control & Security!

SuiteFactory supports three different types of "Manufacturing Documents" which are regularly used in Manufacturing. These include Generic DNC Files(Could be Macros Sub-Routines, etc.), Engineering Documents(Drawings, Quality Documents, CAM Files, etc.) and a special type of "Document" which we call a "Packet". A Packet is very sophisticated Container(Can hold Sub-Packets, CNC Machine Files, CNC Machine Macros, Help Files & Manufacturing Documents) which is sometimes referred to as an "Operation", "Project", "Multi-Level Task", etc. For quickview on Packets and how they are uses within SuiteFactory see other sections within this Windows View.

SuiteFactory Runtime


Note: From the above SuiteFactory Runtime Application you can click on the Manage Controlled Documents Icon to access the complete Features and Functions used to Manage all of your CNC Machine Files & CNC Machine Documents. See the following Window for a more detailed View.

Manage Documents Window


Managing Documents

Using the "Manage Documents" Module, Window above, in conjunction with other SuiteFactory Modules such as SuiteApproval, SuiteFileCabinets(Virtual File Cabinets), etc. you have all of the Tools needed to Securely Create(See Third-Party Tools), Manage & Control all of your Manufacturing Documents regardless if they are used in Engineering , Manufacturing, Quality, Office, etc.

You can use SuiteFactory's SuiteSearch Module for locating any Document within SuiteFactory's database based on your search criteria and then choose the action you want to perform including Editing, Approving, Viewing, Associating with a Secure Virtual File Cabinet, etc. You can also highlight Document you want to perform an action on and Right Click to display the actions available based on your "Rights"!

Note: These Documents(Process Sheets, Drawings, Quality Requirements, etc.) can be logically grouped using SuitePacs(Traveler).

Documents Data Relation Views

In the Manage Documents Window above a specific "View" is displayed which an Engineer would find useful to Control, Manage & Manipulate his or her Documents. This "View" allows an Engineer to view his or her Documents with a Data Relationship using the secure containers "File Cabinets". See Packets for how Documents are further Managed & Controlled.

Note: By creating the appropriate File Cabinets, User Groups, etc. and setting the appropriate "Rights" a User can control and manage all of the Documents that are their responsibility.

Selecting a specific Data Relationship View

There are well over 18 x (number of different Approval States) Different possible Data Relationship Views that can easily be selected & set so CNC Machine Operators, CNC Machine Programmers, Engineers, Administrators can view Documents within the context of their responsibilities. The User can set the options to create the "View" that best meets the present needs for Managing & Controlling his or her Files can be saved so the next time they login the same "View" will be displayed.

Documents Data File Relationships View Window


Selecting Views

You can select the best Data Relationship "View" that serves your needs by choosing from the various option settings as shown in the above Window.