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Resource Collections are special Containers for DNC Files & Packets and in conjunction with the Maintenance Engine these can be automatically imported into SuiteFactory and associated with a Resource Collection which can be associated with Machine Tool(s).

Resource Collections

Primer - Resource Collections

Resource Collection are Flexible, Secure Containers that "Hold" N/C Files & Packets and allow you to associate any number of Machine Tools & User Groups(Users) with each Container. Therefore you have complete control over access to these valuable Resources.

Resource Collections when used in conjunction with SuiteFactory'sTM Maintenance Engine provide the Automated Import of N/C Files & Packets into SuiteFactoryTM(pdf) or (html). By Associating Machine Tools and User Groups with Resource Collections you can completely control Who/What Accesses these Assets and what "Rights" they have to manipulate the Resource Collection's Contents. This allows you to Manage and Control all of your N/C Files, Packets & Machine Tools so you can meet the stringent requirements of the ISO Standards.

SuiteFactory Runtime


Note: From the above SuiteFactory Runtime Application you can click on the Resource Collections... Icon to manage the Resource Collections Relationships and various Parameters. See the following Windows for a more detailed View.

Resource Collections Window

Organizing Resource Collections

Since Resource Collections can contain any number of N/C Files & Packets and be associated with any number of Machine Tools the organization of these can be critical! In order to deal with this reality SuiteFactory allows Resource Collections to be Organized into Hierarchical Trees so you can organize them according to your specification. I.E. By the Customers you Deal with; Development; In House, etc.

User Groups

User Groups are used to provide "Rights" to any Resources associated with them. Since you can associate a Resource Collection with them you can control who has access to and what functions can be performed on the N/C Files & Packets contained in the Resource Collections. Extremely flexible & secure!


Machines need N/C Files to operate and by associating Resource Collections with these Machines you control it's access to these N/C Files. I.E. The appropriate Operators(Users), with the Appropriate N/C Files associate with the Appropriate Machine Tool!

Resource Collections Import Name Rules Property Window


Import Name Rules

The above Window allows you to set various "Import Name Rules" which include adding an extension, default is blank, to the beginning or end of the file being imported. This is usually used when files with the same name may be located in different folders. You could then add an unique Import Id to avoid name collisions in the Database. See Import Path.

If you use particular extensions for your N/C File Type naming conventions, this is stored in the database but is not part of the "File" name, you can enter it the Default File Type. This would be used by SuiteFactoryTM(pdf) or (html) when it start a Third-Party Application just as Window does when you double click on the files this this extension.

You can also instruct SuiteFactory on how to handle N/C Files being Imported into SuiteFactoryTM(pdf) or (html). Choose the appropriate option!

Resource Collections Import Behavior Property Window


Import Behavior

The above Window allows you to instruct SuiteFactoryTM(pdf) or (html) on what to do with the original of the imported File. Select the option that best fits your needs but usually customers don't want multiple copies of Files available to users so they delete them.

Normally most files being imported don't need to the End-Of-Block Charters changed but if they do need to be changed it can be done here. Normally this is handled by the installer.

There is also an option for what to do if you use SuiteFactoryTM(pdf) or (html) to "Manually" Import Files. Choose the appropriate option.

Resource Collections Import Path Property Window


Import Path

The above Window allows you to select the Import Path Folder that is used by SuiteFactoryTM(pdf) or (html) to Automatically Import any DNC Files and or Packets placed into this Folder Location. SuiteFactory's Maintenance Engine then periodically Imports them into the Database.

Note: Engineers and or Programmers place DNC Files & Packets into these folder(s) when these are completed.

Resource Collections Queues Property Window


Machine Queues

The above Window allows you to select what action is performed by SuiteFactoryTM(pdf) or (html) after successfully downloading a file to a CNC Machine Tool. Choose the option that best fits your needs. Generally the No Actions is what Customers choose.

Resource Collections Flow Charts Property Window


Flow Charts (Approval & Sign-Off)

The above Window allows you to select a specific Flow Chart(Approval Process) for N/C Files & Packets that are imported and or dragged and dropped into this Resource Collection. Flow Charts are used for ISO9000 Control and Approval before release into the various shop floor processing stages. Quality Control has complete control over who has access to Files & Travelers(Packets) at any processing stage on the manufacturing floor!