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Use SuiteApproval (html) to create unique Approval Steps/States for your ISO9000 Approved Files, Documents & Packets meeting ISO9000 Standards. Create unique ISO9000 Sign-Off & Approval States for access by Users Approved for this particular Sign-Off State.

Sign-Off and Approval States

Primer - Sign-Off & Approval States

Manufacturing Files, Drawings & Documents are used in the Manufacturing Process to convey a Part's Design Requirements and in Manufacturing to dictate the Processes used in its Manufacture. Since a Part's Design Requirements & Manufacturing Processes can change at any time it is imperative that only the Approved Documents & Manufacturing Processes are used in its Manufacture.

SuiteFactory provides the Controls needed with its SuiteApprovalTM(pdf) or (html) Module to meet the above Requirements. By Using SuiteApproval you can create any number of ISO9000 Sign-Off and Approval States (See Sign-0ff Flow Charts for Controlling how Files, Documents & Packets move from Sign-Off State to Sign-Off State) so that Specific Users have access in a Specific Order to the associated Files, Documents & Packets as they move through the Manufacturing Processes. This insures that a Part can be manufactured to its design requirements in a specific sequence!

SuiteFactory Runtime


Note: From the above SuiteFactory Runtime Application you can click on the Sign-Off States... Icon for Creating & Managing Sign-Off State Relationships and their various Parameters. This Window, below, is used for Creating & Managing Sign-Off States. See Below.

Sign-Off States Window


The above Window can be used to create a new Sign-Off State or to associate a particular Sign-Off State(s) with a User Group(s) so that its associated Users have Access to the Files, Documents & Packets associate with this Sign-Off State. Once Approved for this Sign-Off State they can't be accessed in this Sign-Off State again but move on to the the next Sign-Off State(See Sign-Off Flow Charts). As an example this Sign-Off State could be used to allow Lead Hand(s) access to Part Programs being developed during this Sign-Off State(Development/Process Stage). Once these Part Programs have been Approved for this Sign-Off State they move on to the next Sign-Off State if not completed(See Sign-Off Flow Charts)! You have control to any level needed to meet your various Requirements. To create a new Sign-Off State click the New Button and the following Window will be displayed.

Create a new Sign-Off States Window


In the above Window Enter the name of the new Sign-Off State you want to Create click the OK Button and the following Window is Displayed.

Associating Sign-Off States with User Groups Window


In the Window above you can associate User Groups with this New Sign-Off State so only the User(s) in the associated User Groups have Access to the "Approved" Files associate with this Sign-Off State.