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SuiteThirdPartyTools (html) allows you to create any number of Communication's Channels so you can connect all of your favorite Third-Party Applications to SuiteFactory's Integrated Manufacturing System for Sharing & Storing their Data!

Third-Party Tools

Primer - Third-Party Tools

SuiteThirdPartyTools is a SuiteFactory Module that allows you to create any number of Communication's Channels for connecting your critical Third-Party Applications to SuiteFactory's Integrated Manufacturing System. Since the heart of any Integrated Manufacturing System is the secure storage & management of your Application's Data it is a basic necessity that your Applications are part of this Integrated System. SuiteFactory's SuiteThirdPartyTools provides this basic communication's channel!

SuiteThirdPartyToolsTM provides communication's channel for integrating your Manufacturing Applications with SuiteFactory. If your Applications are Microsoft Compliant then your Manufacturing Application can become part of SuiteFactory's Family of Integrated Applications which provide Secure Storage & Management of all of your Third-Party's Application Data!

SuiteFactory Runtime Configure 3rd-Party Tools... Icon


Note: From the above SuiteFactory Runtime Application you can click on the Configure 3rd-Party Tools... Icon to manage the Configure 3rd-Party Tools Relationships and various Parameters. See the following Window for a more detailed View.

Connecting 3rd-Party Tools Application to this Workstation

Note: The Window above displays all of the Physical Workstations associated with SuiteFactory. Since we are associating a Third-Party Application with SuiteFactory this Application must reside on one of these Physical Workstations. This Window allows a User to select the Physical Workstation(JOE7) where the associated Application is located. Click on the "New" button to search for this Application and the following Window will be displayed.

Locate 3rd-Party Application

Note: From the Window above browse to the Application you want to associate with this Physical Workstation and click the "Open" button. This brings up the Window used for naming the Third-Party Application as displayed in SuiteFactory!

3rd-Party Tools Name Application

Note: Use this Window to accept the Application's native name or rename it as you want it displayed in SuiteFactory. Click the "OK" button to have SuiteFactory use this Name when associating this Third-Party Application on this Workstation. After clicking the "OK" button SuiteFactory's Properties Window will be displayed for this Third-Party Application.

Properties Window

Note: Use the above Window to set the Startup Properties when this Application is started from SuiteFactory. These Properties settings are "Standard" Microsoft Application Properties! When complete click the OK" button and the updated 3rd-Party Tools Application Window is displayed. Click on the Application's "Name" and the following Window is displayed.

3rd-Party Tools Window - Assigning User Groups to this Application

Note: The Window above is used by Administrators to assign specific User Groups to this Application thus limiting its access to only the Users in these User Groups! Therefore you have complete control and security of your data. SuiteThirdPartyToolsTM(pdf) or (html)

Typical Use of 3rd-Party Tools for this Application

Following are details on how to use the 3rd-Party Tools to access your Third-Party Applications from within SuiteFactory.

SuiteFactory Runtime - Manage Controlled Documents' Icon

From SuiteFactory Runtime above click on the Manage Controlled Documents Icon and the Manage Controlled Documents Window is displayed.

Note: See previous webpages for using Manage Controlled Documents for how to select specific Documents!

Manage Controlled Documents Window - Select Document

In the Window above we have choose the 3rd-Party Icon "Check Out and Edit with 3rd-Party or Native Applic". After clicking this Icon you will be presented with a list of third-party applications to chose from to edit the selected file we are storing in SuiteFactory. SuiteFactory will pass this "Document" to this Applications for Editing.

Third-Party Application Selection

In the Window above you can chose the third-party application to edit the selected Document stored in SuiteFactory!

Third-Party Icons: Options for Editing SuiteFactory Documents with Third-Party Applications

In the above List of Third-Party Icons chose the appropriate Icon for: Run 3rd-Party Tool, Copying & Open with 3rd-Party or Native Application, Delete Copied Files, Check Out and Edit with 3rd-Party or Native Application, Edit Check Out File, Check In Edited File, Abandon Edits and Check In!