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SuiteSecurity (html) includes User Groups, User Group Rights, Users, Logins & Passwords, Virtual File Cabinets, Resource Collections, restricted "Views" in User Configurable Combinations which provide any level of Security that a Company requires.

SuiteSecurity Protecting your Information & Data

SuiteSecurity Protects Everything

SuiteSecurityTM is comprised of User Groups, User Group Rights(over 130 Rights in 11 different categories), Users, Logins & Passwords, Virtual File Cabinets, Resource Collections, restricted "Views" in User Configurable Combinations which provide any level of Security that a Company requires.

You create any number of User Groups with User Group Rights within which you add any number of Users, Resources & ISO9000 Sign-Off States. These Users then inherit these User Group Rights which allows them to Access SuiteFactory's Specific Features, Specific Data and Specific Resources Associated with the Specific User Groups to which they belong.

SuiteSecurity Provides your Company with Secure User Logins:

SuiteSecurity'sTM Basics Include:

SuiteSecurityTM 11 User Group Rights Categories:

Note: By selectively setting Rights in these various Security Categories you control the "Access" Level of Users in this User Group. Couple this with juridical use of Resource Collections & Sign-Off States you have complete and full control of Security for all of Manufacturing Documents, DNC Files & Data.

SuiteSecurityTM Create Document/DNC File/Packet Change Reasons

Note: A Company can create any number of Specific "Document Change Reason Forms" from which a User can select when prompted by SuiteFactory to Events that occur when making Changes, Deleting, Viewing, etc. to Documents/Files. These Forms also provide an area for entering an explanation for these "Changes" and is then stored in the History Change Database.

SuiteSecurityTM Activate Specific Change/Reason Events

Note: A Company may not want to have SuiteFactory Prompt them every time an Event happens. SuiteSecurity allows you to select Events to which a User is to Respond. Note however that even if a User isn't required to respond to an Event this Event is still recorded in SuiteFactory's History Database.

SuiteSecurityTM User Group Secure File Cabinets

Note: Optionally using SuiteFactory's Virtual File Cabinets provides another Level of Security by restricting "Access" to DNC Files, Manufacturing Documents & Packets that are contained in a File Cabinet Draw to which selected Users have access Rights. Virtual File Cabinets also provides a Sophisticated Management Tool for controlling all of a Company's Files/Documents/Packets.

SuiteSecurityTM User Group Specific Resource Collection(s)

Note: For Users who need access to DNC Files, Packets & CNC Machine Tools, Resource Collections not only provide a way to segregate the Correct "DNC File to CNC Machine Tool Relationships" but provide another Level of Security so only those Users who should have "Access" to these Files, Packets & Machine Tools do have "Access".

SuiteSecurityTM User Group Specific Sign-Off States

Note: For Users who are restricted to accessing to DNC Files, Manufacturing Documents & Packets that have reached at a particular Approval Level the use of Sign-Off States provides another Level of Security. If the File/Document/Packet has not been Approved for this Level the User can not have access.

SuiteSecurityTM How it Works

Security starts with the User Group(s) in which a particular User(s) belong(s). The User(s) inherits the Specific Rights Configured from the 11 Categories for each of the User Groups within which they belong.

Using DNC Files as an example we note that even though a Particular User(s) may have Specific Rights to Manipulate DNC Files if this User doesn't have Resource Collections Associated with one the User Group(s) they belong to they will not be able to "Access" these DNC Files.

If a User needs to Communicate with a Particular Machine Tool they will not only need access to the Resource Collection containing the required DNC Files but a Machine Tool will need to be Associated with this Resource Collection.

Further if Virtual File Cabinets are used then this User must also have Rights to a Particular File Cabinet to Access their Files.

If Approval and Sign-Off is used then the User must belong to a Specific User Group which is Allowed Access to N/C File at a particular ISO9000 Sign-Off State.

You can have any Level of Security from "None" to "All" as dictated by your Company's needs.

Note: Documents' and Packets' Security is handled similarly.