SuiteFactory Tech Notes
"Creating Resource Collections"
Resource Collections Integrate DNC Files, Packets & Machine Tools with Automatic Imports
Allowing Customers to Manage & Associate Machine Tools, DNC Files & Packets

Resource Collections are Special Containers that can Hold DNC Files & Packets and can be associated with Machine Tools such that the associated Machine Tools can Access the DNC Files.

You can also set Properties of Resource Collection which will allow you to associate a Window's Folder with this Resource Collection so and Files dropped into this Window's Folder will be Automatically imported into SuiteFactory's database according to configurable Resource Collection Import Rules. There are also other settings which will effect how DNC Files are treated after downloading to the associated Machine Tools.

See "Creating User Groups" for how Resource Collections are used & Integrated into SuiteFactory.

Resource Collections: Importing & holding on to all of your DNC files & Packets

SuiteFactory Runtime - "Resource Collections"

To display the above Window click the "Resource Collections..." Icon from SuiteFactory Runtime




Resource Collection

Click on the New Button:

Enter Name of User Group:

Select the "Resource Collection" Name to reflect what this "Resouce Collection" is to be Associated!

Note: In this Example this "Resource Collection's" Association is with the "Ethernet Machines".


Resource Collection

Import Name Rules

Click on the Properties Button or Import Name Rules Tab:

  • Import Id: Fill in this Text Box to add a Prefix or Postfix tag to imported files
    Note: Add these will avoid clashes with Duplicate File Names from improted from Different Folders with the identical File Names. Duplicate File Names are not allowed in SuiteFactory's database.
  • Default File Type: Set this if you ever intend to use a Third-Party Application to open these files
    Note: SuiteFactory allows you to use Third-Party Applications to access these files so using this file extension will allow Windows to Know which Application to Start Automatically!
  • How to Convert ...: One of these 3 Options determines how these imported files have their File Extensions handled. Chose the way your company wants to handle this.


Resource Collection

Import Behavior

Click on the Import Behavior Tab:

  • Action After Completing Automatic Import: After SuiteFactory imports the files from this designated Folder you need to decide if you want to Delete the Original File or move the orginal source file to a Sub-Folder.
    Note: You can't keep the orginal file in the import Folder or it would continually imported!!!
  • Normalize the End-Of-Line Blocks: The default setting should not be changed unless you are import files from a different Operating System. Call CCI if this is the case!
  • How to Import Manually: Selecting "Display User Dialog" will bring up a Dialog Box whenever you Drag & Drop or manually search for files using Windows Explorer Window.
    Note: If your company has a format for File naming use this option!


Resource Collection

Import Path

Click on the Import Path Tab:

  • Selecting the Import Path If you want the ability to Automatically import DNC Files dropped into an External Folder you will need to set the Path to a networked Folder.
    Note: This is useful if you have multiple Programmers working on different projects in remote places and you would like to have these DNC Files added to the database when this stage of development is complete. When they have completed this stage of development all they have to do is drop them into this Folder and the Maintenace Engine will automatically import these Files into SuiteFactory's database!
  • Enable Importing Packets: SuiteFactory allows the Automatic Importing of a Preconfigured Folder Structure and automatically converting it to a Packet(s). It requires that a naming convension be used!
    Note: See "Creating Packets" for detailed information.


Resource Collection


Click on the Queues Tab:

  • No Action Taken SuiteFactory provides several options on how DNC Files are treated after they are downloaded to a Machine Tool. The default Action after downloading a File to a Machine Tool is to not change it's status. Basically Take No Action!
  • Mark the DNC File ...: If you don't want a File to be available to the general population after it has been downloaded chose this option.
    Note: Ie. If a programmer is developing a N/C Program and you don't want to take a chance of using it until it is approved use this option.
  • Automatically Delete ...: Removes this File from SuiteFactory's main database it places it in it's Archive. With this option there is no possible possible way of using this File again!

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