SuiteFactory Technotes
"Creating Third-Party Tools"
Third-Party Tools "Integrating" External Apps into SuiteFactory's Family of Applications
Providing Third-Party Application Data Security and Accessability

SuiteFactory provides a Channel for Integrating Third-Party Apps & Data into SuiteFactory's Suite of Applications. Suppose you have a favorite Editor, Backplotter, DNC Converter or perhaps you would like to make the Microsoft Suite of Applications a part of SuiteFactory.

Using SuiteFactory's Third-Party Tools you can in a matter of minutes Integrate virually any Shop Floor Application into SuiteFactory to either expose the data in SuiteFactory to Third-Party Applications or use the Third-Party Applications to modify the data and store this data in SuiteFactory's secure database or Both!

Third-Party Tools: Accessing Third-Party Applications and Managing & Protecting It's Data

SuiteFactory Runtime - "Configure 3rd Party Tools..."

To display the above Window click the "Configure 3rd Party Tools..." Icon from SuiteFactory Runtime

Optional: Third-Party Tools Reaching Out to your External Applications



Third-Party Tool

Click on the New Button

Note: Select the a Workstation displayed in the above Window and click on the New Button and the following Window will be displayed.

Select the Third-Party Application to Integrate with SuiteFactory:

Note: Browse to the Executeable you want to add to the Third-Party Tool List of External Applications and click the Open Button and the following Window will be displayed.

Enter the Name of Third-Party Tool to Display:

Note: Select the "Third-Party Tool's" Name to reflect how this "Third-Party Tool" will be used in your Organization! In this Example this "Third-Party Tool" will be used to backplot so let's Name it: "Backplotter". Click the OK Button and the following Window will be displayed.

Edit the Command Line Arguments:

Note: These are the arguments required by Microsoft compatible Applications and normally you don't have to change anything. Call CCI if your Application is non-Microsoft Compatible or has different requirements.


User Groups

To Assign

Third-Party Tools

Click on the User Groups' Icon:

Select User Groups:

Note: After setting up the Third-Party Application(s), see above, you will need to select the User Groups that you want to have access this Third-Party Application(s). Check the Checkboxes next to the User Groups so they will be able to select this Third-Party Application.


Third-Party Tools

To Backplot

SuiteFactory Runtime

Note: From SuiteFactory Runtime click on the "Manage DNC Files" Icon and the following Window will be displayed.

SuiteFactory Manage DNC Window

Note: Select a File that you want to backplot and click on the "Copy and Open..." Icon and the following Window will be displayed.

The Window above is just one of many different "Views" of File Relationships. To select other "Views" click on the Change View Icon: and select from the various options for viewing the File/Data Relationships that best fit your needs.

Select Editing Tool Window:

Note: Select "Backplotter" from the list of selections and click the OK Button and the Associated Application will be activated, passed the selected secure File from SuiteFactory and displayed.

Third-Party Application Backplotting

Note: You can link to as many Third-Party Applications as required while securely storing it's files in SuiteFactory.

What we have shown is just the ability to display a "File" but SuiteFactory allows you to use the Third-Party Tools to Link to External Applications for modifying the selected Files and storing them back into SuiteFactory when you are finished! While you are editing these Files with the Third-Party Applications SuiteFactory will make sure that nobody else can modify the File your are Editing!

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