SuiteFactory Technotes
"Creating Users"
Users are Associated with User Group(s) and Play the Role(s) create by these User Group(s)
SuiteFactory Users can Play Multiple Secure Roles

Users are the Enterence into SuiteFactoryTM and depending in which User Groups they are associated with they can have over 120 "Rights" from as many as 11 different Categories playing varying Manufacturing Role.

The User Role(s) could be: Administrators, Supervisors, Programmers, Engineers, Operators, and is only limited by the different User Groups you need to create!

Users: Accessing User Groups for Playing all of your Manufacturing Roles

SuiteFactory Runtime - "Users"

To display the above Window click the "Users ..." Icon from SuiteFactory Runtime





Click on the New Button and Enter User Name:

Enter Name of User Group:

Select the "User" Name to reflect the Role that this "User" will play in your Organization!

Note: In this Example this "User's" Role is that of an Operator thus the Name "Oper1".




Click on the New Button or Properties Tab:

  • Edit Password: Enter the Password you want or leave it blank if you don't require one.
    Note: If this User is part of a Group of Workers that you don't follow as individuals you may not need or want a Password.
  • Edit Status: You set whether this User is Active or Not.
  • Share Windows Size ... : If you check this Checkbox any SuiteFactory Windows opened and saved as a Default View by this User will be the Default view the next time this User logs in.

Note: See "Creating User Groups" for Integrating Users into SuiteFactory.


User Email

Contact Information

Click on the Contact Information Icon:

Choose From Contact Information List:
  • No Contact Information: SuiteFactory supports Emails and requires that a User of SuiteFactory Email must have contact information associated with this Email. If you don't want this User to have Email access, don't associate this with any contact information.
  • "Displayed" Contact: Choose the Contact Information that is associated with this User if you would like this User to have access to SuiteFactory Email.

Note: See "Creating Contacts" for a more detailed explanation on Contacts.

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