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"Creating Sign-Off States..."
Sign-Off States for which "Documents" must be Approved before Moving to the Next State
At each State a User of User from a User Group must Approve These "Documents" or Files
Create "Sign-Off Flow Charts..." as part of a Complete ISO9000 Approval System

Sign-Off States is part of the SuiteApprovalTM Module which supports Creating and Establishing Multi-Level ISO9000 Approval Criteria for Controlling All of your File, Document & Packet Approvals and Release into Production.

This includes: Establishing Birth and Death Dates; Multi-Level Sign-Off and Approval States, Controlled Check-Out/Check-In of All Files/Documents/Packets using SuiteFactoryTM or a Third-Part Application; Automatic Archiving and Complete Histories of Active, Deleted and or old Files/Documents/Packets

Sign-Off States: Controlling Document's, File's & Packet's Approval and User's Access

SuiteFactory Runtime - "Sign-Off States..."


A Sign-Off State is a predetermined point in a Document's, File's or Packet's development where the appropriate personnel need to Review and Approve the Document, File or Packet before it moves on to the next Stage of Development as determined by your Company!

By correctly assigning these Sign-Off States to User Groups you can control the Users who have access to these Documents or Files as they move through the Development Stages. Couple this with SuiteFactory's Document Change Events that have been Enabled (Over 100 Customer Selectable) and all Document's Changes are automatically captured and if the individual Reasons(100 to choose from) have been Enabled the User is Required to input the Actual Change Reason(s).

Important! Any Event that occurs is captured and recorded in the History Database and associated with a User, Date & Time and what the unique Event was, Regardless of the Information Entered by the User! We maintain ISO9000 Events no matter what!

Sign-Off States... Window - New Sign-Off State

Important! Approval & Sign-Off States are the Key for Scheduled Verification that Documents & Files meet Design & Production Requirements while Controlling their Release into Engineering & Manufacturing assuring that the Correct Personnel have the Correct Documents at the Correct Time.

Note: To create a new Sign-Off State click on the New Button and the Following Window will be displayed:




Sign-Off State

New Sign-Off State Window:

Note: Enter the name of the Sign-Off State that makes sense for this Sign-Off State. In this Example this "Sign-Off State" is for Trying out a N/C File Pre-Production.


Sign-Off States

To User Groups

Sign-Off States... Window - Assigning To User Groups

Above: To control which Users are associated with this Sign-Off State choose the User Groups that will have access to any Documents, Files or Packets which are associated with this User Group.

Note: This Sign-Off State is only "Visible" when the Documents & Files associated with this User Group have been Unapproved. The reason for this is that the Users who need to access these Documents & Files are either Users that need to edit/modify these(would automatically make them unapproved for this Sign-Off State) or Users who are responsible for Approving these so they can move on to the next Sign-Off State.

Important! SuiteFactory User Groups can have over 120 User Selectable Rights associated with them thereby controlling what a particular User can do with Documents, Files & Packets associated with this User Group. Since you can associate the same Documents, Files & Packets with any number of User Groups you can setup these User Groups with different "Rights" so Users from different User Groups will have "Rights" to Edit Documents, Files & Packets but not "Rights" to Approve them while Users of othe User Groups will have "Rights" to Approve, edit, etc.

Note: See our website for other Guides for creating Sign-Off Flow Charts(The Glue that Holds Sign-Off States Together), Users, User Groups, Resource Collections, etc.

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